Yoga for Kids

Yoga is one way for children to develop a sense of what their bodies can do, to improve posture and to train their concentration and coordination skills. While children naturally need activity and movement, relaxation and inner balance are just as important. ‘Child-friendly’ yoga trains the basic motoric skills as well as a child’s awareness for its body and breathing.

The 4 to 7 year olds are introduced to yoga through stories and games, and the class is a mix of dynamic and quiet phases. Yoga is incorporated into imaginary journeys to the sea, in the woods or to a magic castle.

The 8 to 11 year olds can hold Asanas for longer and are taught sun salutations, with the classes’ themes and games reinforcing the yoga practice. In addition to the physical aspects of yoga, the classes touches on issues relating to how we treat ourselves (niyama) and others (yama).

During class, parents can have a break in the courtyard with a cup of tea or are welcome to join in.

Please inform me in advance about allergies, asthma etc. and give me your telephone/mobile number for emergencies.

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