Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation

Everyday we move in a complex, three-dimensional way – these movements have been ingrained in our bodies since birth. As modern humans, we have superimposed other stereotypical patterns over these natural movements, leading to muscle tension and imbalances in our bodies. If we didn’t drive cars of work at computers, we would instinctively only use PNF movements.

PNF has long been established as a form of physiotherapy: the training corresponds to the structure of our joints and muscles and the reflexes in our central nervous system.

In the PNF class, your body is reminded of this naturally intelligent form of motion through the diagonal, spiralling exercises that heighten the interaction between muscles and the nervous system.

PNF-Gym is the most natural way to train strength, stamina, coordination, speed and flexibility to maximum effect!

Babies are welcome to join us in the mornings.

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