Intensiv Yoga

Your body is designed to move!

A very free yoga style that focuses on stamina, strength, flexibility and coordination. Intensive yoga is based on Asthanga yoga – the most physically challenging form of Hatha yoga. Practicing intensive yoga also means that you take an intense look at your breathing and your mind.

The classic yoga series – Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) – is gradually built up and then added to, to form a dynamic flow of asanas (yoga poses) that both strengthens and stretches muscles. Breath plays an important role and is used mindfully in the form of pranayama (breathing exercises and techniques). This combination of breath and motion is called vinyasa! While an intensive yoga class may well raise your heartbeat and body temperature, the overall aim is for participants to feel refreshed and balanced – in both body and mind.

Intensive yoga also allows for mindful rest, particularly at the end of the class – time in which your body incorporates what it has experienced and you quiet the mind.

Babies are welcome to join us in the mornings.

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