Connect to your strength AND practice letting go

Its’s great that you’re pregnant! This is the time when your awareness becomes finely tuned! It is a great time to find out more about yourself, your changing body, your abilities and your feelings through yoga. Revel in your energy, and allow yourself moments of peace.

Prenatal yoga can help you to stay active and mobile, and to alleviate or even prevent back pain, tension and other physical discomfort. The pelvis gets lots of attention of course – you learn to observe, strengthen and relax the muscles here. And if you just want to be kind to yourself for a while: come to yoga!

You already have a yoga practice? Then this more gentle, relaxing yoga style is an exciting opportunity to experience everything you know about yourself in a new light.

And naturally you don’t need to have any yoga experience to start with prenatal yoga. If you haven’t practiced yoga before, I recommend joining our classes after the first trimester, to allow your body time to get used to some major changes without adding new and unfamiliar stimuli to the mix. And when you do start with yoga, go easy on yourself!

Prenatal yoga is suitable for all expectant mothers who want to feel and stay healthy and physically fit. Please always consult with your gynaecologist or your midwife if you are feeling discomfort or pain.

Come to classes for as long as you feel good. Yes, yoga may become a little more difficult from the 7th month on. The classes are designed for you to take part for as long as possible. If, for instance, you are feeling particularly fatigued, you may find yoga more of a burden than a boon – so skip a class! That’s all part of becoming more aware of your needs. Your class card doesn’t have an expiry date, so you can always join in again at a later date e.g. friday mornings WITH your baby!


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