Yoga for you!

WOYO® combines the classic fundamental yoga principles, methods and techniques with modern physical exercise. These classes focus on building strength, improving posture, mobilisation, flexibility, balance and relaxation. Each week, the WOYO® classes have a different topic in order to cover all these issues: from standing poses to forward and back bends, twists, arm balances, inversions and flows.

In each class, you physically and mentally prepare for a different Asana (yoga pose), although WOYO® is not a yoga form that is solely limited to the execution of asanas. You will experience phases of physical effort and phases of mindful rest – WOYO® gives you time to develop a sense of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

Anyone and everyone can perform the asanas (yoga poses) and other exercises safely thanks to the use of yoga props – balls, bricks, foam blocks, sandbags, belts or sometimes just a towel are used to give you completely new options – making stretches easier and more comfortable, strengthening specific muscles and allow you to mobilise your body without overloading your joints. The props enable you to enter into and stay in poses with good technique and alignment.

The WOYO® method reaches out to everyone – whatever your constitution: a WOYO® class is the perfect introduction to yoga as well as being suitable during pregnancy or for people with back and joint problems. Participants are given alternative exercises or additional yoga props depending on their physical needs. WOYO® is also ideal for those who would like to add more detail and depth to their current yoga practice. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or advanced yoga practitioner – WOYO® takes your personal needs, your age and your physique into account.

Babies are welcome to join us in the mornings.

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